About Us

We have been involved in the biogas industry since 2000's when anaerobic digestion became a serious means to reduce the manure output and dito emissions. We have worked on biogas plants from USA, Europe to Japan and SE Asia from 10 to 200 tons per day facilities

Our philosophy is to design fit for purpose biogas plants based on several feedstock like agri-residues, food waste streams or cattle manure.

We customize our designs based on proven technology and experience on all aspects of the anaerobic digestion process.


Bioenergy has come to play an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gases in the environment and is embraced by the many countries in Europe, USA and Asia. Renewed attention for baseload power and self-sufficiency of energy is a serious topic with the desire to minimize natural gas and coal consumption for power and heating requirements.

Companies, people and governments have to act to decarbonize the world where we want to contribute with our efforts to reduce our CO2 footprint via our engineering skills and expertise.